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About BioTouch-UK

Formed in 2009 due to popular demand in the UK, we are the UK official Representative for Sales and Training in all BioTouch products and services. As your official contact for all salon and beauticians in the UK, we can provide with services that you can rely on and trust. Whether it's products or training that you require, we are readily available to support you.

Bio-Touch Inc. - World Leaders, Preserving Beauty with a Touch of Technology

Founded in 1984, BioTouch, Inc. is now one of the leading manufacturers and permanent Pigments permanent makeup machines, and accessories and trainers of permanent makeup techniques

Best of Walnut Award in the Beauty Salon & Barber Shop Equipment 2009
(US Commerce Association)

Since the very beginning, BioTouch has led the challenge of saving women from the time-consuming regimen of enhancing their beauty. BioTouch's unique approach combines 5,000 years of Asian makeup techniques with modern technology, to create the finest permanent makeup products available today.

BioTouch stresses ongoing research and development by introducing technology in product manufacturing, and by inventing new categories of skin care and make up. This ensures the integrity of each state-of-the-art product.

What we do?
We use the BioTouch Pigments together with cutting edge techniques in our training Programme specifically developed for the UK Market

Indeed, BioTouch has trained thousands of professional beauty technicians, and many of our competitors come to us to learn how to "do it the right way."

BioTouch products are now sold in 33 countries and territories worldwide.

Ultimately, BioTouch enhances the lives of those who use our products. Our commitment to technologically advanced and innovative products is why the name BioTouch is known throughout the world for excellence and superior quality.
With BioTouch, anyone can wake up beautiful!

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